Periplus Northeast: The Northeast India Travel Blog

Periplus Northeast is an attempt to provide genuine and comprehensive information as well as commentary about North East India. It intends to be the most comprehensive Northeast India Blog for anyone looking to explore this region. The content here is primarily written from a traveller’s perspective but I am sure the utility of this information is NOT limited to the same and in the near future, it plans to explore topics related to history, ecology, and culture of the region.

Why a separate site on NE?

Due to geographic, historical, as well as political reasons, this region has somewhat remained detached from the mainstream trends in India. Although there was a lot of potentials, even tourism did not pick up for a long time, due to a lack of infrastructure as well as information. Till the last decade, most people even from other parts of India were reluctant to visit this region due to political unrest in the region. The situation has gradually improved in the last couple of decades and a new generation of travellers have been more interested in venturing into these unknown frontiers.

So, this trend is likely to grow in the near future and this website focused solely on Northeast India can help in bridging the information gap. I don’t really see it as another blog but a knowledge-base covering the entire North East India. I want it to be an unbiased and politically incorrect source of information as well as opinion. That means I will talk about the problems and negative aspects too if required. I am not going to sugarcoat anything just because I belong to this region.

Why Did You Choose This Name?

Although it is somewhat counterintuitive to use the term Periplus for a landlocked region, I find those texts fascinating. In fact, Periplus Maris Erythraei mentions some trade happening in the Indo-China border, which may (or may not) refer to this region. Nevertheless, what is interesting is that even the remotest of regions had trade relations with the outer world in ancient times, so there is no excuse to be ignorant in the 21st century. 

What was I doing before this?

This is not my first website. I have been writing about travels around the remotest hinterlands of India for a decade and continue to do so. You can check my original website The Travelling Slacker if you want. I have also published