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Arunachal Pradesh Online ILP: How to Apply for eILP?

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Yes, it is possible. Arunachal Pradesh has started an online system for issuing Inner Line Permits (ILP) for Tourists! Earlier, everyone had to waste a day or two going to their offices, and manually applying for the permit (& then going to collect it again the next day).

Is the Arunachal eILP (Online ILP) for everyone?

No, it is for Indian Tourists only from other parts of the country. If you are a foreign tourist, you still need to go through the offline route or request a tour operator to do it for you.

Can foreigners get Arunachal online ILP?

No… they will have to follow the standard procedure of visiting one of the offices in Delhi, Kolkata, or Guwahati. However, they can ask some tour operator or a friend in the city if they have one… to get it for them (They will have to send scanned copy fo their ID and photographs).

On which site do I book Nagaland ILP Online?

You need to visit the official Arunachal Pradesh ILP Portal and follow the process.

What is the process of booking Arunachal online ILP?

You need to follow the steps to book Arunachal eILP.

  1. Open the Arunachal ILP Portal & Click the Apply Now button.
  2. Fill up the form with the required details including mail ID, phone number, and upload passport photograph and documents.
  3. The authorities will receive your application (No reason for rejection if you are a tourist and if you have provided clear information).
  4. You will get approval/rejection information via Mail and SMS. If approved, a link for online payment will be sent to you.
  5. Follow the given link and make your payments.
  6. Once your online payment is received, you will receive the Print Link for the ILP so that you can download PDF or print directly.
  7. For safety, make multiple photocopies of the permit, especially if you are planning to cover multiple places.

What Documents Do We Need to Provide?

You need to provide a copy for an ID card such as Aadhaar, PAN Card, Voters ID, Driving License, Passport, Government ID, Student ID, etc. Usually, they want it in JPG format. Make sure that your name is clearly visible in the copy. Also, make sure that the copy is of the same size as the real thing. For example, the Aadhar Card copy does not have to be as big as A4 size.

You also need to provide a photograph of you. The copies should be in PDF or JPG format and the maximum size should be 200 KB. If you have larger files, resize them. If you don’t know how to do it, please do some online research and learn. It will be helpful in other cases too.

For How Many Days Can We Get Tourist ILP in Arunachal?

You can get Arunachal Pradesh ILP for a maximum of 30 days only. So, make your plans carefully.

Can One Apply asĀ  Group for Arunachal ILP? What is the Procedure?

Yes, if you are in a group, only one person can apply on behalf of the whole group.

Choose the Group Application option from the link given above for this purpose. In this case, only the primary applicant needs to provide his ID and details. For the rest, just photographs and names are required.

How much is the fee for booking Arunachal online ILP?

Arunachal eILP fee is INR 100 per head irrespective of the number of days you spend there. Even for group applications, the rate is the same and the primary applicant has to pay for everyone.

There is also an option of Instant ILP, which costs INR 400 and apparently happens immediately. However, this section of the site does not look very functional as of now.

How Many Days Does it Take to Get the ILP?

I tried it once and it took around 3-4 days to get the final mail with teh printable ILP. So, apply fore it beforehand.

So, this is more or less about it. Planning for Arunachal has become a bit easier with this new facility. Start with this Arunachal Travel Guide to start planning your trip.

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