Nagaland ILP: Inner Line Permits for Tourists

If you are planning to visit Nagaland, you must have realized already that you need to get Inner Line Permits (ILP) for Nagaland if you are not a local. For tourists, the process is not that difficult but you may still have to set aside some time to complete this formality and avoid trouble later on. This guide should help you out in this regard.

Nagaland ILP Guide

Who Requires ILP?

All non-Naga people require ILP to enter Nagaland. You may be asked to produce a copy of the same at various checkpoints while entering the state.

However, I have noticed that the procedure has become a bit lenient for tourists, especially in the popular tourist areas of Kohima and Dzukou. Also, at the time of the Hornbill Festival, they are likely to get more lenient to encourage tourism. However, this is not true for other remote regions of the state, in case you plan to explore them. In any case, you should try them anyway.

Do Foreigners require Nagaland ILP?

Earlier foreign tourists were exempt, but now everyone needs to do it as per the ILP booking site (see next section)

Also, foreign tourists may be needed to register themselves at the nearest local Police Station upon their arrival to Nagaland. This is for their own safety.

Nagaland ILP Online Procedure

The good news is that after much delay, Nagaland has finally started giving ILP online. So, there is no need to waste a day visiting any office and you can just apply it online a few days before your visit.

This is the link for Nagaland online ILP booking.

What is the procedure to get Nagaland ILP offline?

Ideally, you need to visit Nagaland House present in certain cities (mentioned below), fill up a form, provide ID, pay a small fee, and collect the permit. For tourists the process is simple and they do not ask for anything. However, if you are there for other purposes such as business, you may have to face more queries about your plans and intentions.

Where do you get the ILP made?

You can apply for Nagaland ILP at the following places,

Nagaland House, Delhi

9, Opp. Tuglak Police Station, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110011Phone: 011 2301 5638

PS: Formerly Abdul Kalam Road was known as Aurangzeb Road.

Nagaland House, Kolkata

9, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

Nagaland House, Guwahati

Sachal Path, Six Mile, Guwahati, Assam 781036

Nagaland House, Shillong

Nongrimbah, Shillong, Meghalaya 793014

Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) Office, Dimapur

Razphie Village, Hill View Colony, Dimapur, Nagaland 797113

Dimapur Airport

If you are taking a flight, you can get it at Dimapur Airport too. However, I have never taken a flight so can’t say about the procedure.

How Much Time Does it Take for ILP?

As far as I have seen, it can take anything between an hour to 2 days to get the ILP. I think it takes more time during the tourist season of the Hornbill Festival.

  1. Once in Guwahati, I got it in a single day. I submitted it in the morning and got in the afternoon.
  2. However, at the same place, I was asked to return the next day on a different occasion.
  3. In Dimapur, you get it in a few hours. Ideally, I take a night train from Guwahati to Dimapur, go to the office early to get it by noon, an then move on to Kohima.

What is the fee of Nagaland ILP?

Even this varies wildly! I once remember paying INR 130 and once only INR 50! I guess they keep changing their rules.

What are the Documents required for Nagaland ILP?

Basically, you need to provide two passport photographs and a photocopy of your ID such as Passport, Aadhar Card, DL, RC etc.

What information do you need to provide?

Apart from your name and address, you need to tell them the dates and which districts you want to visit. So, figure out your target destinations are located in which district even before you go!

Can multiple people be included in one form?

As far as I know, if there are multiple people in the group, you will have to fill up a form for each one.

Nagaland ILP is valid for How Many Days?

Generally, ILP is given for a maximum of 30 days and that should be enough for most purposes.

Can someone get the ILP made for me?

I think so. I have seen tour operators in Guwahati make it for tourists in Guwahati. You need to send them a copy of your ID. If you have contacts in these places, you can ask them to inquire.

Can I visit any place in Nagaland without ILP?

Dimapur, which is basically a border town, and feels more like Assam, is the place that people can visit without any permits. That is why there is a provision for making ILP at Dimapur.

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