How to Get Manipur ILP (Inner Line Permit)?

Yes, the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in Manipur has been recently introduced. Earlier, anyone could go to Manipur without any additional paperwork but now you need a permit for Manipur too, just like Nagaland & Arunachal! The political issues behind this move are beyond the scope of this site and so, let me focus on the practicals aspects.

Manipur ILP Guide

How to get Manipur ILP?

The good thing is that the process, as of now, is pretty easy and hassle-free for tourists. Both online & offline ILP applications are available as of now. You do not have to go to any separate office in any other place but there are certain ILP counters at various entry points to Manipur where you can show your valid ID, fill-up the form, make a payment and get the ILP done.

Manipur Online ILP Application

You can apply for Manipur ILP online at the website

Just follow the instructions, provide your details including Aadhar Number. You have to pay INR 100 for the ILP and it can be for a maximum 15 days.

Once the form is submitted online, note down the Application number or you may download the PDF copy of the filled up form that would be generated. This needs to be produced at the entry gate where you have to make the necessary payments and the ILP permit will be generated by the respective officer concerned.

Where are the ILP Counters?

Several ILP counters have been opened all over the border of Manipur. All Deputy Commissioners in their respective districts, Deputy Residents Commissioners or OSD of Manipur Bhawans New Delhi, Kolkatta and Guwahati, sub-divisional Officers ( Jiribam, Songsong, Jessami, Singhat, and Moreh), office in charge of Police Station at Mao, Jiribam, Jessami, Moreh, Beihang, Sinjowl, Imphal Airport and any other agency authorized by the State Government can issue ILP. If you apply online, they will reach the relevant authority. If you are doing it offline, it will depend on the route through which you enter.

Not all of them are frequented by tourists. So, here are the ones that matter to tourists,

  • Imphal Airport: If you are flying into Manipur, you can get it at the airport.
  • Mao Gate: This is the entry point to Manipur if you are entering from Kohima (Nagaland).
  • Jiribam: This is the only train station in Manipur near Assam border in the Barak Valley (Although the plan is the connect the line to Imphal but that will take a few years more). BTW did you know that you can simply take shared cars between Silchar to Imphal?
  • Moreh: This is the gateway to Myanmar. In case you are coming back from Myanmar, you can get your ILP here.

What Documents & Information Do I Need to Provide?

  • Show a valid Govt ID such as Passport or Aadhar (Carry a photocopy too).
  • A passport photograph
  • Details of your hotel/accommodation in Manipur
  • Duration of Travel


How much does the Manipur ILP Cost?

Manipur ILP costs INR 100 per person.

Do Foreigners need ILP?

No, foreigners do not need any permit to enter Manipur! This is only for Indian visitors just like in Nagaland!

How seriously is it Implemented?

As of now, they are just getting used to it and once you cross the check-point, nobody seems to bother about it. However, to be on the safer side, just get it done.

Is there any online system for Manipur ILP?

No, as of now there are no such provisions for Manipur ILP. However, there is no need to go to any other office either unlike Nagaland or Arunachal, so I guess it is fine. The only problem I find is hotel information. As a backpacker, I never pre-book. But in this case, I will have to.

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