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Mizoram Tourism: The Last Enigma

While the Northeast is in general considered remote and offbeat, even within this region, Mizoram is the least explored region even within NE. Mizoram Tourism is a department that is unheard of in reality but that is what makes it exciting.

The state is sparsely populated and naturally blessed with thick vegetation. As these are lower hills, it does not get very cold in winter and nor does it get too hot in the summer. The pleasant climate allows a rich variety of flora and fauna thrive in this state and gradually, tourism as well as adventure sports lovers are beginning to explore the riches of this state. With a geographical area of 21087 sq. km., Mizoram shares its borders with Myanmar in the East and Bangladesh in the West, apart from sharing some parts with other northeastern states like Manipur, Tripura, and Assam.

The state is named after the Mizo people, who are the predominant inhabitants of this land. The exact origin of Mizos are hard to trace back, just like it is for most of the other communities in this region. According to some, they are parts of larger Kuki groups found in Myanmar but there are many different groups and it can be confusing. They mostly remained detached with the rest of India till the arrival of the British. Early years of the British occupation saw many bloody conflicts but eventually they settled down and the arrival of the missionaries from the west turned most of them into Christianity, although just like the Nagas, they maintain many of the local customs.

So, the Mizos are a close-knit community with strong values based on ancient traditions. Modern Mizoram is among the most literate states in India with a near perfect literacy rate. The discipline and values seen in the towns of Mizoram is a reflection of their traditional values., education, and culture. They are known to practice jhum or slash-and-burn cultivation which is why their main activities revolve around the operations of their cultivation, including their festivals. The staple food here is expectedly rice while they also excel in handicrafts, especially those made of cane and bamboo and also traditional clothese woven at handlooms. Bamboo plays a major part in their life, which is visible from the fact that the most famous artform in this state is also called the Bamboo Dance!

The natural delights of Mizoram have barely been explored by the travellers although options are aplenty and nowadays most of them are also connected by roads. Various low altitude treks are possible here along with other outdoor activities that take you to magnificent waterfalls, hilly streams and surreal lakes.

Mizoram Tourism Map

Mizoram Tourist Map
Mizoram Tourism Map

As you can see, veery limited number of spots in Mizoram have been developed for tourism.


AIzawl is the capital and the largest city in Mizoram. Apart from the city itself, there are several attractions in the 50 KM radius.


Champhai is the other better known destination in Mizoram, which is famous for its border entry point pf Zokhawthar that leads to Myanmar. Here, you can also visit the heart shaped lake called Rih Dil, most of which falls on the Myanmar side.

Phawngpui (Blue Mountain Trek)

It is one of the better-known treks in the northeast that takes you to a height of 2157 meters and offers excellent panoramic views.

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